Chic Ways to Dress like A Parisian

Women around the world have tried to emulate Parisian style for years. It’s effortless, distinctive — and has me wondering if there’s something in the water. The ‘romantic, carefree Parisian’ style, is frequently modelled by bloggers of all nationalities. The clothes they wear are mostly casual-chic – lots of vintage jeans, plaid blazers and leather boots, and while their outfits are beautiful, they aren’t flashy or overly coordinated. It’s likely you wouldn’t even notice them on the street because they’re just so effortless.

Many obvious tips are easily copied, like wearing striped tees or keeping colors neutral. But there are many aspects of French style that Parisians deem as crucial to formulating how they get dressed in the morning, but somehow we Americans are missing.

I absolutely love Parisian style, so this week I looked into how to emulate this style and incorporate it into my closet. Here are some different style rules that all french girls abide by.